SAP: Study Abroad Program


The SAP is a graduation requirement. Studying abroad and gaining international skills and knowledge will help students to be prepared for the global business environment. Rather than “studying” international studies, students will graduate with a degree that has provided immersion into the language and culture of the business world they will build their careers on.

In the beginning of the sophomore year, students will decide which partner university they would like to attend and discuss with their major supervisor about possible courses at that chosen university. All students are required to continue paying tuition fees to Hallym University, who will then transfer the payment to the appropriate partner university. Students are responsible for all other costs. A student’s journey for SAP begins in their junior year.

To apply for SAP, students are required to meet the conditions stated by the partner university including TOEFL scores and GPA. Students will apply through the CIS office and will have assistance every step of the way until they return home for their senior year and the completion of their degree.

Students’ study abroad experience doesn’t have to end when they come back to Korea. Through involvement in on-campus international activities, students will be able to adjust to being back and will integrate their study abroad experience into their academic life.

We believe this study abroad experience can be a life-changing experience. It provides great opportunities for students to learn the world, gain new perspectives on their major and obtain marketable skills for the international workplace.