Legal Informatics and Forensic Science

“To enhance information security in public and private, domestically and internationally.”

LIFS major is designed to educate the professionals in its related fields in ICT society, well prepared with executive ability and language skills. Being affiliated with many domestic or international institutions (government, public, or private), LIFS major enhances curriculum with good practice, long term internship program, and SAP at globally eminent universities. The major covers information security, cybercrimes, criminal psychology, and digital forensic science at various levels. CIS LIFS graduate will make an influential contribution to building blocks of information security in this ever growing ICT society.




Spring Semester Fall Semester
year Subject Credit Subject Credit
1 Introduction to Law and Ethics 3-3-0 Technology in Contemporary Society 3-3-0
2 Survey Methodologies 3-3-0 Introduction to Intelligence Security Law* 3-3-0
Criminal Investigation* 3-3-0 Introduction to Networks 3-3-0
Anglo-America Law 3-3-0 Digital Forensic* 3-3-0
Criminal Law 3-3-0 Criminology 3-3-0
Trend Analysis of Crimes* 3-3-0 Criminal Procedural Law 3-3-0
3 Civil Criminal 3-3-0 Criminal Psychology 3-3-0
Law & Case on Sexual Assault 3-3-0 Forensic Technology 3-3-0
Scientific Investigation 3-3-0 Trends in Forensic Science 3-3-0
Big Data Analysis 3-3-0 Law and Politics to Information & Communication 3-3-0
The Theory of Victim Studies 3-3-0 Traffic Investigation 3-3-0
4 Forensic DNA Analysis 3-3-0 Blood Pattern Analysis 3-3-0
Reverse Engineering & Hacking Analysis 3-3-0 International Crime Investigation 3-3-0
Trace Evidence Analysis 3-3-0 Criminals on Cyber Space 3-3-0
Trade Crime Investigation 3-3-0 Investigational Interview 3-3-0
Accounting Fraud Investigation 3-3-0


General Education

국제통상경영(ITB)과 정보법과학(LIFS) 공통교양과목

Year Spring Semester Fall Semester
1 Fundamental of Academic English Intermediate Academic Research
Critical Thinking and Argumentation International Affairs and Global Perspectives
Selected Readings and Academic Analysis Core English Skills 1
Core English Skills 2 Basic Chinese/Japanese/Spanish 2
Basic Chinese/Japanese/Spanish 1 Basics in Digital Media
Computer Basics Communication Theory
Psychology Understanding Basic Mathematics & Statistics
2 Basic Chinese/Japanese/Spanish 2 Issues in World History
Natural Science