International Trade and Business

estically and internationally.


  • Major coursed specialized in international trade and business (International Business, International Trade, International Economy, International Finance, and Business Administration)
  • Encouragement to acquire expert knowledge and certificates in related fields


Spring Semester Fall Semester
Year Subject Credit Subject Credit
1 Principles of Microeconomics 3-3-0 Principles of Macroeocnomics 3-3-0
2 Intermediate Microeconomics Ⅰ 3-3-0 Intermediate Microeconomics Ⅱ 3-3-0
Intermediate Macroeconomics Ⅰ 3-3-0 Intermediate Macroeconomics Ⅱ 3-3-0
Marketing Principles 3-3-0 Financial Management Ⅰ 3-3-0
Introduction to Financial Accounting 3-3-0 Business Statistics 3-3-0
Management Principles 3-3-0
3 Global/ International Marketing 3-3-0 International Business 3-3-0
Financial Management Ⅱ 3-3-0 International Business Law and Institutions 3-3-0
Economics of Money and Banking 3-3-0 Investment Analysis 3-3-0
Entrepreneurship 3-3-0 Options, Futures and Other 3-3-0
Economics of Industrial Organizations 3-3-0 Financial Derivatives Management of Human Resources 3-3-0
Introduction to Managerial Accounting 3-3-0
4 Business Regression Analysis (Econometrics) 3-3-0 Senior Seminar in International Trade and Business 3-3-0
Management Strategy 3-3-0 Business Decision Making 3-3-0
Business Cycles and Sustainability 3-3-0 Risk Management and Insurance 3-3-0
International Trade and Policy 3-3-0 Global Leadership 3-3-0
Legal Environment in Business 3-3-0 International Financial Markets 3-3-0


General Education

국제통상경영(ITB)과 정보법과학(LIFS) 공통교양과목

Year Spring Semester Fall Semester
1 Fundamental of Academic English Intermediate Academic Research
Critical Thinking and Argumentation International Affairs and Global Perspectives
Selected Readings and Academic Analysis Core English Skills 1
Core English Skills 2 Basic Chinese/Japanese/Spanish 2
Basic Chinese/Japanese/Spanish 1 Basics in Digital Media
Computer Basics Communication Theory
Psychology Understanding Basic Mathematics & Statistics
2 Basic Chinese/Japanese/Spanish 2 Issues in World History
Natural Science