East Asian Studies

We provide lectures for students in the linguistic, cultural, historical, economic, and political characteristics of Korea and other East Asian countries, which are gaining influence in the global society. We offer opportunities to explore new prospects of cooperation and partnership in these areas.

The East Asian Area Studies Program is designed for international students from the East Asian region and includes intensive and in-depth approaches to Korean language, Korean studies, language interchange education between Korea and their mother tongues, comparative cultural studies, and training for international commerce.

East Asian Area Studies focuses on developing the students as specialists who have professional practice capabilities. Courses are listed below.

  • Basic and advanced study in Korean and Korean Studies (Korean, Korean Regional Studies, Korean Business)
  • Specialized courses related to business administration and economy (Business Translation Training, Translation Training for Current Issues, Culture of Business, Comparative Study on Regional Cultures)
  • Training for practical skills (ICT use, presentation skills, etc.)

Prospects and Careers

Graduates can attend graduate schools in Korea to continue studying commerce or language translation/interpretation, or they can show their competence in the field of Korean/East Asian business and other related work in their own countries.


This is a table of the current curriculum for EAS

General Education

This is a table of the current GE curriculum for EAS