The Legal Informatics and Forensic Science department has been selected to develop a cybercrime and digital forensic investigation on the K-MOOC platform.

Introduction to Cybercrime and Digital Forensic Investigation is an introductory course suitable for anyone with an interest in computers, computer security and how the criminal justice system is responding to these new types of crime. This course will introduce students to common concepts of cybercrime, including how different cyber legislation defines, categorizes and responds to cybercrime. Students will also learn at a hight level how systems are attacked online, and how criminal, hactivists and cyber military use different types of attacks to benefit. Once students understand how common types of attacks work, we will show how criminal justice systems and related organizations respond to, and defend against, such attacks.

The first half of this course introduces students to cybercrime-related concepts. The second half of the course gives students hands-on practice for digital investigation. Students will learn the process Law Enforcement employ to investigate computer systems. Students will learn about and practice forensic data acquisition and preservation. Once data is preserved, we will learn about and practice basic data recovery techniques to find deleted files. After data recovery, students will learn about investigating different types of data from hard drives, Random Access Memory and Android smart phones.

Overall, this course will give participants a strong general background into cyber crime and digital forensic investigation processes.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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