Professor Park, Dean of Hallym University

The Hallym University School of Global Studies program aims to develop internationally competent professionals in two clearly defined fields of study: ‘Global Business’ and ‘Legal Informatics’ & Forensic Science(LIFS). Towards this end, the School of Global Studies aims not only to develop the students’ expertise in their given major but also their ability to utilize that knowledge in the international community.

This includes language ability, cultural understanding and familiarity with international affairs. The Study Abroad Program (SAP) provides students with first-hand international experience in their given major via relationships with a variety of global universities. Our aim is to graduate students from the School of Global Studies with the skills, knowledge and expertise that will serve them well in an ever-competitive job market. As Dean, it is my responsibility to oversee the program to ensure our aims remain relevant in a rapidly changing world. From first year to fourth, CIS students make a considerable transition. Throughout their time at Hallym, the School of Global Studies provides services and support that student’s need — including outstanding administrative assistance and a student advisor.

In summary, the School of Global Studies endeavors to help students identify and realize their full potentials by providing opportunities for academic achievement coupled with real-world learning. When School of Global Study students graduate from Hallym, they leave with a better understanding of global and cultural issues as well as a combination of skills and knowledge that will enable them not only to compete in a global environment, but also to contribute positively to making our world a better place.


Chief of Department, Ro-Seop Park, Ph.D.