CIS has some of Korea’s most experienced faculty members, and is constantly expanding. Below is a list of current faculty members, their major areas and academic contact information.

International Trade and BusinessLegal Informatics and Forensic Science

East Asian Studies | General Education | Staff

International Trade and Business (ITB)

Name Major Education E-mail
Jo, Chang-ik Economics The City University of New York / Ph.D. cjo@hallym.ac.kr
Hong, Seokmin Advertising/ITB Chair University of Texas at Austin/ Ph.D. seokminhong@hallym.ac.kr
Mun, Sunghun Science in Taxation University of Seoul/ Ph.D. mooncta@hallym.ac.kr
Jo, Donghun Economics The City University of New York / Ph.D. hooncho@hallym.ac.kr
Ahn, Dong-Gyu International Business, International Finance Ohio State University / Ph.D. dkahn@hallym.ac.kr
Kim, Gun-Hong International Economics Carnegie Mellon University / Ph.D. kimku@hallym.ac.kr
Noh, Suk-Jae Macroeconomic Theory Brown University / Ph.D. sjnoh@hallym.ac.kr
Han, Young-Wook Economics of Finance Michigan State University / Ph.D. ywhan@hallym.ac.kr

Legal Informatics and Forensic Science (LIFS)

Name Major Education E-mail
Park, Ro-seop Criminal Law/Dean/LIFS Chair  University of Munich/ Ph.D. rspark@hallym.ac.kr
Ahn, Jungmihn Administrative Law  Yonsei University/ Ph.D.  jungmihn.ahn@gmail.com
Jang, Yunsik Information Security Korea University / Ph.D. jakejang@hallym.ac.kr
James, Joshua Computer Science University College Dublin / Ph.D. joshua.i.james@hallym.ac.kr

East Asian Studies

Name Major Education E-mail
Chang, Bum-Sung Chinese Culture/ EAS Chair Taiwan National University / Ph.D. grandbs@hallym.ac.kr
RenJuan Business Administration Dongguk University / M.A Inyeon55@hallym.ac.kr
Sohn, Woo-Hyun International Relations Ecole des Hautes Etudes Internationales,Paris / M.A wsohn@hallym.ac.kr

General Education

Name Major Education E-mail
Cassidy, Ryan Applied linguistics The University of Birmingham / M.A ryan@hallym.ac.kr
Michael Krapp
Bruce Ray


Name Position Phone E-mail
Falkenberg, Dennis Program Director dennis@hallym.ac.kr
Saetbyul Kwon ITB Assistant 033-248-1880 de1880@hallym.ac.kr
Munsun Choi LIFS Assistant 033-248-1881 de1880@hallym.ac.kr
Hyunsoo Kim East Asian Studies Assistant 033-248-1883 de1880@hallym.ac.kr