CIS in Brief


  • All courses are taught in English
  • General education courses are taught in the first year.

We offer very intensive English Language courses.

  • A major is selected at the end of the first year.
  • Three semesters of one foreign language among Chinese, Japanese or Spanish.
  • One semester’s dormitory residence fee is supported.
  • Double majoring is strongly recommended.
  • Study Abroad Program (SAP) is offered.



  • Recruit 30 Korean students each year.
  • Admissions are granted to Qualified international students
  • Applicant evaluation
    • Korean Applicants : document screening (60%), interview (40%)
    • International applicants : documents screening (100%)
  • Further information : Admission Office +82-33-248-1301 extension 3


In addition to scholarships that apply generally to Hallym students, we have scholarships for those students who showed excellent English Proficiency in the entrance examination. An incoming student who achieved the greatest score in the entrance examination will be exempted from tuition and dormitory fees for 8 semesters and will be given a stipend each month.